Dr. Laudenbach delivers presentations on topics including those listed below:


● Oral Cancer Screening: Update on Risk Factors, Techniques & Protocols

● Oral Lesion Recognition, Assessment & Management Strategies

● Oral Lesion Screening Devices: Lights, Blue Dye & Brush Cytology

● Basic Oral Biopsy Techniques: Fibromas, Papillomas & Hyperkeratoses (lecture with or without hands-on workshop)

● Advanced Oral Biopsy Techniques: Ulcerative, Desquamative & Suspicious Lesions (lecture with or without hands-on workshop)

● TMJ & Non-Dental Orofacial Pain: History, Examination, Diagnosis, Imaging & Management

● CBCT & Advanced Imaging Techniques: Improve Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

● Risk Assessment & Dental Management of Medically Complex Patients

● Oral Manifestations & Clinical Implications of Systemic Diseases

● Intro. to Oral Appliance Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Snoring

● Oncology: Oral Assessment, Dental Treatment Planning & Coordination of Care with the Medical Team

● Dry Mouth & Salivary Gland Dysfunction: Diagnosis & Management Strategies

● Geriatric Dental Medicine: Improve Your Clinical Confidence!


You may ask for a presentation or course to be customized to your group’s interest(s). For example, “Lumps, bumps, lesions and xerostomia: assessment and management techniques for older adults” or “Oral cancer examination, lesion assessment and current adjunctive/biopsy techniques.” Please feel free to discuss this with Dr. Laudenbach.

Length of Presentation

Variable, based on request (e.g., one to four hours, half-day, full-day or other).

Honorarium and Expenses

Negotiable plus full reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses.